How To Treat Premature Ejaculation

With the media continually painting an unrealistic picture of how people get intimate with each other, it is no wonder that many sensitive issues fall through the cracks and remain unresolved. One such issue, which is as widespread as it is ignored is premature ejaculation. Those suffering from this problem would complain of reaching climax much faster than they or their partner would have wanted, disabling them from fully enjoying cherished moments in bed together. Sadly, not many feel comfortable in discussing and seeking help for this issue, as premature ejaculation is still stigmatized as something embarrassing.

Research shows that the majority of men would experience premature ejaculation at one point in their lives or another and even those who suffer from this condition frequently can be free of it with the right training and mindset. One of the main reasons why premature ejaculation is not being talked about much in the open mostly owes to how the society is often mistaken in believing that premature ejaculation is a permanent disability. The fact that those suffering from this condition also guilt themselves for it believing it is their fault for not being able to perform and that there is not treating this condition makes it bad for premature ejaculation to be properly diagnosed and treated. In fact, our organ itself is most of the time not to blame; ability problems in bed are more often than not caused by a psychological cause or simply inexperience.

To understand why some men last shorter than they would want to, it is imperative to know how ejaculation works. The process of ejaculation consists of expulsion and emission. In the emission process, fluids from the vas deferens and the prostate gland are pushed upwards into the urethra. This is followed by the expulsion of the fluid; the neck of the bladder closes and the urethra contracts to release the ejaculatory fluid. If something goes wrong at any time during this procedure, then men can find themselves with ejaculation problems.

Studies have shown that the neurotransmitter serotonin is vital in the two processes. Men who have low levels of serotonin are more likely to experience premature ejaculation, but they can benefit from SSRI drugs, which are developed to inhibit serotonin uptake in the body. In the emission process, the problem could be that certain motor neurons in our central nervous system are not working or translating signals properly. There are also numerous other areas in the brain which are found to be highly related to ejaculation control. In simpler terms, if you have premature ejaculation the problem is not in your organ, but in your head.

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