5 Foods That Improve Sexual Stamina

A lot of various factors can influence your level of sexual stamina, just as several factors can determine what gets you in the sexual mood. Often, however, you might hope for a long night of passionate lovemaking but it could come to an end too soon if you aren’t well-prepared in terms of stamina.

Certain foods can have a positive impact on sexual stamina, in men and women. They can help get you in the mood and allow your session of intimacy to be extended and be more passionate and intense. Here are a few foods that can assist in making your intimate moments longer and sizzle hot with passion.

In general, following a diet that enables a healthier lifestyle is best for good sex. The healthier your body is, the more fit you will be for sex. In addition, being in good shape helps you feel better about yourself and exude confidence that that helps to have great sex. Research suggests that most obstacles to great sex have to do with a mindset more than anything else. When you are fit you will feel better about yourself, you enjoy better sex – but always remember that your partner loves the way you look regardless of your own perception of how you look.

When you work out, it’s important to complement your exercise with the right kind of diet. We don’t always remember that sex is a strenuous cardio workout. Therefore, it’s important to prepare yourself for good results by supporting it with foods that will yield optimal results. With the help of world class nutritionists, a few foods are highlighted here that build and maintain sexual stamina. All of these are great tasting and enjoyable foods that will boost your and your partner’s endurance to let you both enjoy sex.


Watermelon is abundant in citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve oxygen flow in the blood. For best results, have your watermelon with garlic or ginger (as in a summer salad) because both of these cause blood to flow into the genital region of both, women and men.


Grapes have high boron content. This chemical aids in the production of both, estrogen and testosterone. Both of these hormones are known to improve sexual performance; estrogen improves libido in women and testosterone improves all kinds of physical stamina in both, men and women.

Folate (Vitamin B12)

Foods abundant in Vitamin B12 help your body with energy production. There are plenty of choices to select and include in your diet like fortified tofu, eggs, shellfish, beef, and caviar. Lots of packaged whole grain foods like cereals are also fortified with folate and are a great source of energy. Vitamin B12 can also improve your mood and increase blood circulation and strength.

Raw Oysters

You might have heard this before as an old wives’ tale but it’s actually true! Oysters have high zinc content, which stimulates testosterone. Testosterone is essential to building and maintaining sexual desire in both sexes. Raw oysters also contain amino acids that are linked to sexual desire and omega-3s which aid in sustaining your mood for sex. A bonus is that raw oysters are rich in Vitamin B12! But be sure to obtain raw oysters from reputable sources to avoid food poisoning – that could really put a damper on your sexy mood.


Chocolate is one of the most versatile foods. Aside from tasting sexy, dark chocolate helps release chemicals in the brain which lead to euphoria. This feeling can aid in giving you an extended sexual experience. Their high content of antioxidants also helps improve performance.

Along with the above food items, you must consider complementing your diet with a natural supplement like Endovex. This supplement will not only improve your sexual health significantly but also do so in a reasonable amount of time, without any side effects.

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